Month: November 2018

Curves Ahead….

Sure, I would love to have it easy. I would love to be able to snap my fingers and get exactly what I want. However, you and I both know that is not REALITY. I totally get that, but than I see people having success… Continue Reading “Curves Ahead….”

Quit Giving your Power Away

We have ALL done it. We had the POWER and we GAVE it AWAY!  Why would do that after working so hard to get ahead? Well, let’s look at it.  You were lied to … Cheated on …Ignored … Talked Down To …. Emotionally… Continue Reading “Quit Giving your Power Away”

Here’s the Truth

They say that we will change our careers at least 5 times during our lifetime!  I didn’t believe them until I found myself living in a small town, my kids grown and there were no jobs in my my chosen and paid for degree. I… Continue Reading “Here’s the Truth”

“John Crestani is….the high prophet of Tim Ferriss’ Lifestyle Design” – FORBES

He used to be a corporate slave and has built a VERY successful online business in 4 short years. John is my mentor and has helped simplify online marketing, creating funnels and writing copy.  Once I followed his step-by-step design, my anxiety dissipated and… Continue Reading ““John Crestani is….the high prophet of Tim Ferriss’ Lifestyle Design” – FORBES”

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