Here’s the Truth

Is it Time for a Change?

They say that we will change our careers at least 5 times during our lifetime!  I didn’t believe them until I found myself living in a small town, my kids grown and there were no jobs in my my chosen and paid for degree. I was forced to stop and consider my options.  

Ok, so I will try something new……  So far I have been a Social Worker, Prevention Specialist, Councilwoman, Mayor, Librarian, Home Party Extraordinaire, Insurance Agent, School Secretary, Newspaper Ad Person and a Stay at Home Mom! 

This is CRAZY!  It was time to take ALL of that experience and put it to good use and CREATE my own income and take charge of my life.  I know what I like and I wanted to be consistent to my true values.

Am I the only one who has experienced this?

Nope……. and I won’t be the last.  However, I can share my experiences along the way and give back!

“All our successes are the same.  All our failures, too.

We succeed when we do something remarkable.

We fail when we give up too soon.

We succeed when we are the best in the world at what we do.

We fail when we get distracted by tasks we don’t have the guts to quit.” 

-Seth Godin

I have had so called “failures” and self proclaimed success.  There will be several times that you will quit and quit at the right time.  Your success will be when you find your niche and stick with it even when you have the proverbial speed bump.  All I can say is that some of my “failures” were blessings in disguise and I truly believe life has a plan.  However, you have to be open to suggestions and possibilities that are in your path and be willing to work through them. They reason they are there is because you asked for them. 

  • So believe that you are capable and you will be!
  • Believe that you are successful and you will create success!
  • Believe that you are worthy and you will have doors open!

“Life is a journey….. I intend to enjoy the ride and have a say in where I go!” – Krista West

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