How to Create a Habit

The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact.

~ Socrates

When you’re working as an on-line entrepreneur — either as a side-hustle or full-time — it’s a fact that you’re going to have to come to terms with your professional habits, sooner or later.

Working for someone is one thing. You have authority figures holding you to accountable, checking up on you, and directly “motivating” you to stay on task.  If you stray, you are redirected and this usually does not cost you your job.

HOWEVER, as an entrepreneur, things are very different. You have to be completely in check with YOURSELF.  If there is any recurrent lapse of focus, big-picture attention, or effort,  there will be catastrophic effects for your business!

Does this mean your habits have to be the SAME as everyone else’s and you need to do whatever the “GURU” told you to do?  NO!

If anything, your habits will be unique to you alone.  Can we learn from the experts?  Hell ya, but make them your own!

This is all you have to do ………. wait for it …….. drum role…….. Your Habits have to be in line with your Values

  • If you value your family, they need to be apart of your habits.
  • If you value work, your habits need to reflect making time and space available to be focused.
  • If you value your health, you might start the day with a run and a protein shake!

Your new habits can not be someone say telling you to pick up jogging when deep down all you want to do is dance!  OR …. You can work from the beach when you know that you are more productive working from the kitchen counter.

These tips are important:   Just Remember Your WHY

Gretchen Rubin: Four-time New York Times bestselling authorpodcaster, and speaker, creator of the Four Tendencies framework, exploring happiness and good habits says:

  • Scheduling: If something is important to you, put it on your calendar.
  • Pairing: Pair something you don’t like with something you do like. Do you like Game of Thrones and hate being on the treadmill? Only allow yourself to watch Game of Thrones when you’re on the treadmill.
  • Monitoring: Even if you’re not consciously trying to change, if you monitor something you’ll inevitably be better about it. Trying to eat healthier? Keep a food journal. Trying to stick to a budget? Track your dollars and cents closely.
  • Accountability: Have someone to hold you to the goals you make. Hire a personal trainer for workouts or join a book club to make sure you’re keeping up with your reading.
Sometimes, just cleaning my surroundings will step up my game and keep the HABITS flowing!  Remember the cup of coffee!

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