I have tried a few different mentors and spent money that I will never see.  However, if we are talking about a holistic approach to on-line marketing, AWOL has it! 

  • I have incredible resources, at my disposal, that are continually updated. 
  • I have access to the owner ( I can’t say that about every program).
  • I have developed a mindset and the support needed to work as a freelance marketer (it’s a process). 
  • The community that I am apart of is PRICELESS! 

I feel like I had invested in myself as if I had gone back to school!  AWOL does not hold your hand.  They remind me of grade school when I asked how to spell a word and the teacher, without hesitation, would point to the massive dictionary sitting in the back of the classroom, “Look it up.”  AWOL is the same. They DO give you ALL of the information you need to be successful and than they continue to support and share their resources.  

“I feel like I had invested in myself as if I had gone back to school!”  

Me? I received my education, on my time, the AWOL way! Enjoying family time!

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