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I find myself being presented with a wonderful opportunity! I have left Corporate America and can now focus on me! My awesome kids have moved out and are Owning their lives! Now I find myself focusing on my own passions and dreams! Sure….. I miss the countless hours sitting on bleachers, carpooling up and down the highway, and trying to finagle time (from work) to see the school programs. I also miss setting my own schedule.
I am calling out all Empty-Nesters, Non-conformist, those wanting to LIVE life and those ready to be open to opportunities and wanting to forge their own futures! This is YOUR life! Own It!
I have had some great Mentors and Tribes along the way and will share them as I go.  They Include AWOLJohn Crestani and my Social Retail Tribe.
They are my “WHY”

It doesn’t have to be a “mid-life crisis”! I  see it as a “mid-life OPPORTUNITY”! 
When is the perfect time to follow your dreams if it isn’t right now?


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It's Your Life!

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It's Your Life!

Own It

It's Your Life!


It's Your Life!

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