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Putting the final touches on a special project I’ve been working on behind the scenes that will ​set hundreds of people free to explore their dreams in 2019 and broaden horizons on what can be done…🤔

Hint: This might be a pivotal turning point for many of my friends who are ready to ​switch things up and breakthrough financially. 👀

I’ll drop a full post on ​my Blog tomorrow afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled for more details.

It’s time to show you everything I’ve been up to 😁


Are you ready?


I have tried a few different mentors and spent money that I will never see.  However, if we are talking about a holistic approach to on-line marketing, AWOL has it! 

  • I have incredible resources, at my disposal, that are continually updated. 
  • I have access to the owner ( I can’t say that about every program).
  • I have developed a mindset and the support needed to work as a freelance marketer (it’s a process). 
  • The community that I am apart of is PRICELESS! 

I feel like I had invested in myself as if I had gone back to school!  AWOL does not hold your hand.  They remind me of grade school when I asked how to spell a word and the teacher, without hesitation, would point to the massive dictionary sitting in the back of the classroom, “Look it up.”  AWOL is the same. They DO give you ALL of the information you need to be successful and than they continue to support and share their resources.  

“I feel like I had invested in myself as if I had gone back to school!”  

Me? I received my education, on my time, the AWOL way! Enjoying family time!

How to Create a Habit

The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact.

~ Socrates

When you’re working as an on-line entrepreneur — either as a side-hustle or full-time — it’s a fact that you’re going to have to come to terms with your professional habits, sooner or later.

Working for someone is one thing. You have authority figures holding you to accountable, checking up on you, and directly “motivating” you to stay on task.  If you stray, you are redirected and this usually does not cost you your job.

HOWEVER, as an entrepreneur, things are very different. You have to be completely in check with YOURSELF.  If there is any recurrent lapse of focus, big-picture attention, or effort,  there will be catastrophic effects for your business!

Does this mean your habits have to be the SAME as everyone else’s and you need to do whatever the “GURU” told you to do?  NO!

If anything, your habits will be unique to you alone.  Can we learn from the experts?  Hell ya, but make them your own!

This is all you have to do ………. wait for it …….. drum role…….. Your Habits have to be in line with your Values

  • If you value your family, they need to be apart of your habits.
  • If you value work, your habits need to reflect making time and space available to be focused.
  • If you value your health, you might start the day with a run and a protein shake!

Your new habits can not be someone say telling you to pick up jogging when deep down all you want to do is dance!  OR …. You can work from the beach when you know that you are more productive working from the kitchen counter.

These tips are important:   Just Remember Your WHY

Gretchen Rubin: Four-time New York Times bestselling authorpodcaster, and speaker, creator of the Four Tendencies framework, exploring happiness and good habits says:

  • Scheduling: If something is important to you, put it on your calendar.
  • Pairing: Pair something you don’t like with something you do like. Do you like Game of Thrones and hate being on the treadmill? Only allow yourself to watch Game of Thrones when you’re on the treadmill.
  • Monitoring: Even if you’re not consciously trying to change, if you monitor something you’ll inevitably be better about it. Trying to eat healthier? Keep a food journal. Trying to stick to a budget? Track your dollars and cents closely.
  • Accountability: Have someone to hold you to the goals you make. Hire a personal trainer for workouts or join a book club to make sure you’re keeping up with your reading.
Sometimes, just cleaning my surroundings will step up my game and keep the HABITS flowing!  Remember the cup of coffee!

Curves Ahead….

Sure, I would love to have it easy. I would love to be able to snap my fingers and get exactly what I want. However, you and I both know that is not REALITY.

I totally get that, but than I see people having success around me. Isn’t that the American Dream?  Reach for our dreams and find success? 

  ** Side note: SUCCESS is NOT the same for everyone. That is for another day……

We have been told:

  • “work for what you what”
  • “life isn’t easy”
  • “money doesn’t grow on trees”
  • “what hurts you will only make you stronger”

Let’s get back to the American Dream….

I WANT it!  I worked hard in gymnastics in order to compete, I danced 4 days a week and worked out the other 3 days.  I spent 12 years in school to get a diploma and 4 years in college to get a degree!  When I was hired for my first REAL Job, I had a year of probation before I earned vacation time.

So why did I think working on-line was going to be any different? 

Reality Check ….. 

I have spent the last year LEARNING, hitting ROADBLOCKS, and trying different PATHS!  I have spent time investing in myself. I have seen my success grow. I have tried and failed a few times. 

No Worries though!

I looked back and realized that my LIFE has been ONE BIG LEARNING CURVE!

  • I tried soccer…. I am not that coordinated
  • I changed my degree 4 times in college…
  • I tried Social Work….I got to emotionally connected
  • I tried to sell Insurance…. Too many cold calls
  • I worked for a paper…too many rules


  • I learned that I like to run.
  • I learned about communication although I didn’t get that degree.
  • I didn’t like social work, but I LOVED Prevention Work!
  • Getting licensed as an Insurance Agent gave me the confidence to learn more!
  • The paper pointed out that I LOVE Marketing!

Everything I’ve done has led me to where I am now.  I have spent years filling my toolbelt with skills and lessons learned.  Get Rich Quick is not sustainable!  Our Learning Curves are what guides us to maintain and grow.

God Bless Learning Curves!

Quit Giving your Power Away

Control Your Power

We have ALL done it. We had the POWER and we GAVE it AWAY!  Why would do that after working so hard to get ahead?

Well, let’s look at it.  You were lied to … Cheated on …Ignored … Talked Down To …. Emotionally Abused ….Physically Abused …. Rejected …. Left Behind … Pushed into unknown waters …  etc.  All of this is traumatic and can be life altering.

Do You Agree?

You Were a KID! You didn’t even have a fully formed frontal lobe. You were physically unable to have critical thinking!

With that being said, why are we still caught up in the past?  As an adult, we can talk to our inner child and explain that everything that happened was not their fault.  That life happens and we need to move on.  We say, “You’ll be stronger for this.” 

Remember all of the DRAMA…. this is because of our egos and underdeveloped brain. We truly believed that we were the center of the world and everything DID revolve around us.  With that being said, when we experienced anything disturbing, as a young person, we BLEW it up!  We didn’t know how to handle it, what it meant or that it was about anyone else but ourselves.  Some of us had a great support network that took our hand and guided us, some of us turned to faith, some of us tried to find answers in unlikely places.  

BIG Question ?????????????????

Why are we still living with that outdated, immature, under-developed and exaggerated thinking?  We can rewrite that story with clearer more mature eyes.  Yes, your parents divorced, but in hindsight (as an adult) you may see it differently than the child that felt alone, abandoned and pulled in two different directions.  Yes, other kids were mean and said some horrible things to you, but as an adult, you see that you were misunderstood and those quirks are your “superpowers”! 

I could go on, but you see where I am going here. Right?

God is life.  God is life in action.  The best way to say, “I love you, God,” is to live your life doing your best.  The best way to say, “Thank you, God,” is by letting go of the past and living in the present moment, right here and now…..Letting go of the past means you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now.

Excerpt from The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Take back the control of your LIFE!  You OWN that sucker!  Be the author of your story and make it incredible, full of value and something to be proud of! 

Here’s the Truth

Is it Time for a Change?

They say that we will change our careers at least 5 times during our lifetime!  I didn’t believe them until I found myself living in a small town, my kids grown and there were no jobs in my my chosen and paid for degree. I was forced to stop and consider my options.  

Ok, so I will try something new……  So far I have been a Social Worker, Prevention Specialist, Councilwoman, Mayor, Librarian, Home Party Extraordinaire, Insurance Agent, School Secretary, Newspaper Ad Person and a Stay at Home Mom! 

This is CRAZY!  It was time to take ALL of that experience and put it to good use and CREATE my own income and take charge of my life.  I know what I like and I wanted to be consistent to my true values.

Am I the only one who has experienced this?

Nope……. and I won’t be the last.  However, I can share my experiences along the way and give back!

“All our successes are the same.  All our failures, too.

We succeed when we do something remarkable.

We fail when we give up too soon.

We succeed when we are the best in the world at what we do.

We fail when we get distracted by tasks we don’t have the guts to quit.” 

-Seth Godin

I have had so called “failures” and self proclaimed success.  There will be several times that you will quit and quit at the right time.  Your success will be when you find your niche and stick with it even when you have the proverbial speed bump.  All I can say is that some of my “failures” were blessings in disguise and I truly believe life has a plan.  However, you have to be open to suggestions and possibilities that are in your path and be willing to work through them. They reason they are there is because you asked for them. 

  • So believe that you are capable and you will be!
  • Believe that you are successful and you will create success!
  • Believe that you are worthy and you will have doors open!

“Life is a journey….. I intend to enjoy the ride and have a say in where I go!” – Krista West

Pick Your Office!

“John Crestani is….the high prophet of Tim Ferriss’ Lifestyle Design” – FORBES

Super Affiliate System 

He used to be a corporate slave and has built a VERY successful online business in 4 short years. John is my mentor and has helped simplify online marketing, creating funnels and writing copy.  Once I followed his step-by-step design, my anxiety dissipated and I began to enjoy the process! I truly believe he can help anyone interested in a full or part-time freelance business. Learn more at the Super Affiliate System.

His major fault is wanting to help everyone be successful and the group meeting can get long.  I guess that is a good problem to have! 

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