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📷 Taking photographs is my way of re-centering myself and being able to stay completely focused and in the moment.  To me, it’s therapeutic and very rewarding.  So many times, I will get completely lost in them and my husband will have to snap me out of it just so I can eat 😊

There was a time that I looked into photography as being a business.  However, I didn’t do that.  I wanted to keep it as a hobby and something I could enjoy and not feel stressed or getting caught up in time constraints or deadlines.  Now, I do it for pleasure and it continue to bring a smile to my face every time. I really enjoy taking Rodeo images, Family Photos, Senior Pictures and Engagement Photos.  So I created West Images as my Go-To-Happy Place.

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It's Your Life!

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It's Your Life!


It's Your Life!

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