My Live Clean Side Hustle :)

To Live Clean is to care about your body, your home and the impact your lifestyle has on the environment.  It means being aware of the choices you make as a consumer, consciously opting for clean products whenever possible.

Personnaly, I have been able to stick with this because I don’t have to rely on shakes to get my desired results.  I take a couple of tablespoons in the morning with a couple of capsules and I am done.  I have cut out soda and fast food and feel so much better.  I am down in inches and my skin and hair are back to their youthfulness. 

I also love using the facial products and hair care.  There is a huge difference between Modere products and products off the shelves that leave my hear heavy and oily.

As far as the business side goes, I like that there is no pressure for creating teams.  It is all about social retail and sharing the company.  I have so many resources available and support that sometimes, I have to ignore some of  post otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done 😂 

If you are not a Social Media guru, it’s just fine.  Modere will train you to be one!



Modere M3 Body System Review – Final Verdict

Modere M3 Body System provides a high-quality, reliable and most effective weight loss solution. With numerous legit customer reviews and testimonials from the website, you should comfortably include this product in your weight loss plan[1].

Amy HammondAugust 14th, 2018 Peyton, CO  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have worked with several companies in my career with direct sales. I came to Modere because they had the right combination of things that are important to me. – Company Integrity – Amazing Customer Service, including a no hassle warranty and friendly staff – Company Culture – Quality Products I can be proud of as a certified health coach – A compensation plan that rewards both types of business builders. If they want to focus on Social Retail, or team building…they can win and make an amazing income either way! This was important to me, because not everyone is equally good at both. Most often we are strong on one area, over another. So either way someone can join Modere to build a business that fits their talents and abilities. I’m proud to be a Social Marketer with Modere! Definitively give this a solid look with the person who introduced you to it!

ClydeApril 12th, 2017 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Modere has a site for customers separate from the business side. The back office is complete and in depth with great training and great support. They way Modere is doing business is a far better system for leading with contribution and anyone can do this part time or spare time. The greatest thing that customers are just as important as the people working the business side.

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